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Welcome to The Citadel


To build a world that matters.


  • Decentralization: we stand for a decentralized, community governed autonomous world.
  • People first: we prioritize the well-being of the community above all competing interests.
  • Positive sum: we prefer win-win outcomes and relationships.
  • Integrity: we keep our word, we tell the truth, we do the right thing.
  • Transparency: information about all aspects of the project is clear and accessible.
  • Fun: if we're not having fun, we're off course.


From the beginning, The Citadel has endeavored to contribute an example of what we believe a decentralized gaming project can be. Our ethos is encoded in the language of action:

We can expect more from founders.
We can care more about our communities.
We do not have to resort to trading integrity for attention.

Our vision is to adopt a different mindset than what's common in web3. This community is too important to be defined by scam artists, low-effort opportunists, and high-level grifters perpetuating vibes as value. We do not just need blockchain games, we need participatory game co-creation and co-ownership. As games continue to become more than just games, absolute control by the few over worlds populated and built by the masses no longer makes sense.

Power should vest in the players, and worlds should be governed by the multitudes that inhabit them.

The Citadel should be a conduit for the community, where players have a platform not only to play, but also to share, discover, learn, build, and govern.


  • Develop Citadel DAO into a self sufficient decentralized game studio.
  • Build The Citadel into a living, breathing, onchain, persistent world alongside the Core Team.
  • Grow the player base by launching new types of content and game loops.
  • Expand the ecosystem via strategic partnerships with like-minded autonomous world projects.
  • Cultivate a fun community of gamers and builders and advocate for their well-being.