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How to Buy MATIC

  • Prerequisite: Add the Polygon network to MetaMask wallet, if you haven't already.
  • Option 1: Buy MATIC on an exchange that supports direct withdrawal to the Polygon network, then withdraw to your wallet.
  • Option 2: Otherwise, buy MATIC on an exchange on Ethereum mainnet, then bridge it to the Polygon network.

Option 1: Buy From an Exchange That Supports Direct Polygon Withdrawals

Below is an incomplete list of examples of exchanges that may support direct Polygon withdrawals, but you must do your own research (DYOR) before making any purchases as this is subject to change at any time, and this should not be considered an endorsement of any of these exchanges.

  • Moonpay
  • Kucoin
  • Binance (inconsistently available)
  • Coinex

You must refer to each exchange in terms of how to buy and withdraw MATIC on Polygon, but the process will always end with withdrawing your MATIC to your MetaMask wallet address that has the Polygon network configured.

Option 2: Buy MATIC on Ethereum on any Exchange and Bridge to Polygon

In this case, you simply buy MATIC on any exchange where it is available. MATIC can be purchased from a number of both of centralized exchanges (e.g. Coinbase) and decentralized exchanges (e.g. Uniswap). A full list of exchanges that sell MATIC can be seen here:

Full list of exchanges on CoinMarketCap

  • Step 1: Buy MATIC on your exchange of choice.
  • Step 2: Withdraw the MATIC to your Ethereum wallet address on the Ethereum network.
  • Step 3: Use a bridging app to send your MATIC to Polygon.

Bridging MATIC to Polygon

Bridging is the process of sending a token from Ethereum to the Polygon, or vice versa. By default, most exchanges only offer Ethereum mainnet withdrawals of MATIC. So in this case you have to send it to your wallet on Ethereum and then bridge to Polygon.

The following are examples of apps that can be used to bridge MATIC to Polygon. Before using any of these tools, please do your own research (DYOR) regarding their current status and safety: